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Back from the Battenkill

Posted by: Mark on April 18th, 2012 in News, Racing with no comments

Photo: Paul Buckowski / Times Union

We’re recently back from The Tour of the Battenkill – what a great race.  Congrats to organize Dieter Drake for putting on a uniquely American event, (with a touch of Euro-flavor). We hope the race continues to grow, and it’s something we’ll look forward to on the calendar each year.

We were up north in support of the Champion Systems p/b Stan’s No Tubes team, and the squad didn’t disappoint (and neither did their tubeless tires). Dan Chabanov, in his first pro UCI race, came in 37th, in the main group of finishers. Chapeau Dan! Our colleague Chad Butts of enduranceWERX came in 19th in the Masters 30+ field, and while we don’t want to rub it in, we think he could have come in first were it not for an ill-timed flat inside 5k to go.

Here’s a list of some other notable finishers:

PRO 1/2

Allan Rego 7th (in his first race as a newly-minted CAT1. Wow!)

Zoltan Tisza 14th

Greg Olsen 24th


Ariel Mendez-Penate 16th


David Anthony 1st

Soren Jensen 6th

Ben Noble 10th

CAT 4 (white)

Jules Roazen 3rd

Michael Kuehn 9th

Bryan Guenther 20th

CAT4 (green)

Corey Morenz 5th

Mike Nelson 11th

CAT4 WOMENS (blue)

Meghan Schloat 2nd

Meredith Uhl 3rd

Chris Hadgis 4th

Gina Rocco 17th

Erica Tricarico 20th

Callie Meiners 21st

CAT4 (blue)

Jason Brown 12th

CAT5 (pink)

Ken Ingersoll 9th

With this sticker, you're in good hands

What do all these folks have in common?, you may be asking.  They all had their race bikes prepped by us! While each racer has their own story as to how they got their result, we’re immensely proud to be part of their effort. Congrats to them (and to all the finishers) on a great race. See you next year!

The Tour of the Battenkill 2012 – Full results

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